Utilize the Benefit of Fleet Wraps in London

Wrap advertising enables a company to draw attention to its brand while driving on the road. From branding campaigns to general awareness, wrapping your car in adverts is a cost-effective way of making your brand visible on the roads. Wrap Advertising is more than just signs, it is way more than stickers. It’s more than just making your brand recognizable to your target audience.

We specialize in custom vehicle wraps so you can advertise your business when you’re on the move. Whether it’s a single vehicle or an entire fleet, call us today so we can get started on your premier wrap.

At Fleet Wraps in London and Essex, we’re committed to giving your company the best vehicle wraps possible and that means using only high-quality materials and using cutting-edge tech like our paint-sublimation printer, to ensure that your vehicle wraps look their absolute best.

The car wraps to ensure that your message is delivered and the branding and the values of your company are kept intact. Cars, cabs, and vans are strategically designed with your message directly in the ath of a captive audience. We make every vehicle a mobile billboard.

When you get the Fleet Wraps in London, your entire exterior will get transformation treatment. It will be designed to give it a new look and feel. It’s a great idea to get your message out there, and car wrapping in Essex can help you do that!

Starting at £30 /ft², you can take your vehicle to the next level. We can help you choose among various wrapping options, or create something completely new. A car wrap is applied to your vehicle with special computer cut vinyl that clings to metal, glass, and most plastics without damaging the original paint.


  • Easy and inexpensive – the best solution for businesses and individuals who want to express their creative side with a little more impact!
  • Car wrapping doesn’t mess with your car. Save time and money!
  • Repainting your vehicle is not cheap. Not only that, it’s a hassle to book an appointment with your local body shop and get everything rolled into place. The car wrap is the perfect solution.
  • Our auto wraps are durable, don’t dent or peel, and can be easily removed when you want something new. This makes them a great alternative to paint.
  • Car wraps are excellent for making more people pay attention to your business. They’re less expensive than new paint, and they can come off without damaging your car.
  • We can help you reach 200,000 people a day. Our car wraps are an unbeatable way to increase your brand awareness and drive traffic.

Don’t worry about the cost of repainting your vehicle. We can help you display your company logo or any other graphic design onto your vehicle by using inexpensive coloured vinyl wraps.

Your fleet is an asset that needs to be protected. At Fleet Wraps in London and Essex, we provide a fleet design that ensures that your fleet is protected and kept in good condition. We make sure that your company looks its best with logo designs, vehicle wraps, and vehicle graphics.