Change the Appearance of the Car through Car Wrapping

After traveling in a car for years, people like to change the appearance of their car. Even people buy a new car and want to change their appearance. In the case of a new car, people can wrap it while old cars vane be wrapped or repainted. If a car owner wants to wrap the car, he can contact Promowraps Company, which is a Car Wrapping Barking company. Here the difference between painting and wrapping is discussed and people can choose the one which best suits them.

Application of paint or wrap

If the owner opts for paint, he has to wait for a long time. The time depends on the color chosen and the number of coats that has to be done on the car. First, the old paint needs to be removed. Then after doing each coat, it needs to be dried before applying the other coat. The time duration can be between three days and three weeks approximately.

In the case of wrapping, it can be done ion very less time. After choosing the wrap, first, the car is washed and the wrap is placed. Heat is applied in order to activate the adhesive. The whole process takes a maximum of three days.

Removal of paint or wrap

Car paint is permanent and removing it is very difficult. Comparatively, wraps can be easily removed without damaging the paint. Repainting the car also reduces its sales value. The car wrap will change its appearance and will also keep the paint in a good state.

Cost of paint or wrap

Painting a car depends on the type of paint to be done and the number of coats. The price range can be between £1000 and £5000. The cost of wrap also has the same range. The cost will also depend on the condition that whether the full body has to be painted or wrapped or only a part of it. This can reduce the cost of both.

Is paint durable or wrap?

If low-quality paint has been using then it will deteriorate within a few years while the high quality one last lifetime. Repainting is needed of the car is scratched. Another harmful thing is the ultraviolet rays. The life of a wrap is two years to ten years.

Maintenance of paint or wrap

If the car owner wants to make the paint shine, he has to do a lot of maintenance. He has to wash the car and then wax it. Regularly to save the paint from various types of hazards and damage. Wrap also needs maintenance but less time is spent in it. The surface of the wrap needs to be clean and wiping with a cloth will suffice the maintenance.