We are the leading producer of magnetic vehicle signs in London, UK.

Our car or van magnets won’t damage your car or fall off on the road!

A great way to advertise – removable and portable, our magnetic vehicle signs are an extremely effective way to advertise your business without the need for permanent stickers to you vehicle. We use a high quality magnetic sheet that is suitable for outdoor, digitally print your design and apply a UV laminate for lasting colour in bright sun.


We can manufacture magnetic signs to almost any size requirement up to 620mm high.  Our standard sizes are 600mm x 600mm, 600mm x 800mm, 600mm x 1000mm,

Here are some reason why you should be using Car Magnets:

  • Printed at a high resolution 
  • 0.85mm Flexible Magnetic Material
  • Suitable for Cars, Vans, Taxis & Trucks
  • Full colour printing
  • Waterproof
  • Will not scratch or damage your vehicle

The field of marketing has evolved over the years. With the changing trends, the need to market the goods and services in an innovative manner was felt by the people. But they did not want to shell extra bucks from their pockets. Though advertising is an expensive format of marketing the goods or services, yet car wrapping is a cheap and compelling means of creating awareness among the people for the brand, its goods and services. Car Wrapping in Essex has come forth as one of the major companies in this regard. They can offer best services for car and vehicle warps and the quotations offered by them are also highly competitive in the market. Magnetic Vehicle Signs are also very impressive in the creation of brand awareness among the target audience.

It is important for the clients to understand the numerous benefits of the car wrapping services. The professionals of the company are ever ready to explain the advantages of the format and impress the client so that they can agree for the concept and avail their services. The company has a team of qualified and experienced professionals who can forward the best and unique services to the clients. The Vehicle Signs is one of the most wanted means to promote the goods or services in Essex and the related areas. The vehicle bearing the message of the clients keeps moving and gathering the attention of the onlookers. Even when the vehicle is parked, it is able to attract the crowd due to the attractive wrap on the vehicle.

The car wraps are highly protective and can protect the surface of the vehicle from the wear and tear. The paint is also protected against rust and dust. Moreover, the required publicity of the client’s message is also done in an innovative manner. The Magnetic Vehicle Signs are a great take on the technology and the magnet in the wrap is of high quality. The wraps prepared by the company are used with quality materials so that the vehicles are also in good condition once the wrap is removed.

The cost to paint the cars with the message is very high and then again repainting for another message is also a time consuming affair. But the car wrap is one of the most lucrative, cheap and best means to create awareness for the brand among the target audience. Hence the popularity of Vehicle Signage is immense.

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