Get High Quality Car Wraps, With Promo Wraps Professional Wrapping Team Include: Design, Production and Installation.

Colour Change Wraps is one of the most effective ways to change the colour of your vehicle without having of changing the paint colour.

It’s Removable
If you decide you want to go back to the original paint, or a whole new color, the vinyl can be easily removed and replaced after years of service, leaving an un-faded paint .
We are supplied stock colours from the leading vinyl companies “3m”, “Hexis”, “Avery” with over 250+ possible colours for your vehicle.

Include: Gloss, Metallic, Matte, Satin, Pearl, Carbon Fibre ,Brushed steel and Chrome
All samples are available to view in our Workshop on appointment bookings. As a guide, please see the attached sample charts from the major manufacturers.

If you desire to change the colour of your car, then a vehicle colour changes wraps Essex would be the best option for you. In a vehicle colour change wraps Essex there are a number of alternative colour options available for you. You may not get these many colour options, when you are repainting your car. Getting your car repainted can be much costlier than getting it wrapped. You can also choose the car wraps that additionally provides you with a protection layer that prevents the car from getting scratched and stone chips. So, the vehicle colour changing wraps Essex are considered to be a great option for transforming your old car into an absolutely new one.

There are many points to prove that the vehicle colour change Car Wrapping Essex are comparatively much better than getting your car repainted. Some of the points are given below to state the difference between the two.

  • Getting your car wrapped instead repainted is comparatively very cheap. They are available at cheap prices and it doesn’t involve much labour cost also.
  • The colour changing wraps are easy to install and takes lesser time to avoid any inconvenience later.
  • Another plus point of getting your car wrapped is that it doesn’t take much time. The vehicle is wrapped in comparatively less time than getting the car repainted.
  • The vehicle colour changing wraps Essex can be cover any car and provide it a new matt and glossy look.
  • The vehicle colour changing wraps Essex also provides many variety of finishes and textures which includes carbon fibre, aluminium, metal brushed, leather and many more to have a complete and finished look on the car.
  • The vehicle wrapping and colour changing wrap is removable, that means if you do not require the vehicle colour change wrap anymore, you can easily remove it from your car, and more over you do not have to be a professional for this.
  • The wraps are longer lasting; a best quality wrap may last long for about 5 to 7 years without getting damaged.
  • They provide paint like finish to the car and make it glossier.
  • The colour change wraps can be installed at any location.