Make your Vehicle more Popular by using the Vehicle Branding and Design Services in London!!!

Promo Wraps has been a leading vehicle branding company in London , UK for over 10 years. We are industry experts in providing a branding solution with car wrap advertising for your company vehicles .

We’ve designed and printed branding for all types of vehicles, including:  vans, cars, buses, vans, trucks, caravans and trailers.


  • Qualified team of installers United Kingdom-wide
  • Full design, print and installation service
  • Eye catching graphic designs
  • Promotes your product and services 24/7
  • It’s an effective way to reach potential customers instantly.

When you are making your budget for advertising, you can go for mare wide, affordable and interesting options that will help you save money. You can use all avenues available in the business, and this may often help you get good returns by making the advertisements in effective and simple ways. By adding a fleet and car or any other vehicle in the business, you can go for the option of getting the vehicle wrapped. The utilisation of the car may not only restrict to the traditional use of it but it can also be used for the purpose of advertisements. By adding car wraps to your car in London may effectively attract a large number of audiences wherever it goes.

The Vehicle Wrapping and designs have gained more importance in recent years. it is a primary and the most popular choice of many business people now. You can easily find vehicle branding and design services in Essex & London.

These service providers help you with the best design and graphics which you require for your advertisements purposes. There are many service providers present which offer very comparable prices.

Another advantage of advertising by getting the Car Wrapping Essex is that you can not only attract the local customers, but also the national customers as well. Also, this may largely depend on the nature of your business and the cost involved for the advertisement purposes.

The vehicle branding can be anything from a business name, some contact details, some graphical interpretation, or a part of some marketing campaign that is running. This means that the vehicle graphics are as flexible as you want them to be.

Another benefit of the vehicle wraps is that they are removable. If the vehicle graphics is no more required by you, or have changed the message and the graphics, you can easily get it removed.

Additionally, if you require a new graphic, you can also get that, as it involves a simple and uncomplicated process. You can get the changes made on your fly as required. This allows you to make sure that you get the maximum attention of the customers wherever your car goes.

You may notice that a large number of businesses or organisations go for the option of Vehicle Graphics as they involve less cost and also helps their business to set apart as well as to gain more attention towards the business. You may also notice many of these vehicles on the London roads.

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